The Munich Memorial dedicated to the 1972 Olympic Tragedy suggests that memory is a critical & contemporary action capable of far more hope than grief.
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munichmemorialThe 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich have long been remembered for the horrific and tragic events that took place as terrorists from the group “Black September” kidnapped and killed 11 Israeli Olympians and one German police officer. Now, after many years, a permanent memorial will be built to honor the victims and their families.

The Memorial Project was initiated by the German States Ministry for Education, Science and Culture. One of the goals of the project is to provide a more visual and deeper understanding of the events that transpired on September 5th and 6th in 1972. The memorial will be strategically placed between the Olympic Village and Olympic Stadium in Munich, with a significant focus given to the biographies of each victim.

The Foundation for Global Sports Development is honored to pledge $250,000 in support of the Munich Memorial project. It is important to acknowledge these tragic events which have long cast a dark shadow in many hearts and allow sport to be a force for good as we move forward. “As someone who has been in and around the Olympic family for over 35 years and attended 12 Olympiads, it is clearly time for us to heal the deep wounds of the past,” said GSD executive board member, Dr. Steven Ungerleider.

The International Olympic Committee has also pledged $250,000 in support of the memorial and we are happy to join them and the German government in aiding this endeavor. It is time to bring some peace to the families of the victims while also educating the world and future generations of athletes.

Stay tuned for updates on the Munich Memorial project, as the journey toward its creation will be as important as the memorial itself.

Read the press release regarding the Munich Memorial.